NOTE: 150 Amp Services, revamps and upgrades are the same costs as labor is the same and materials are $10 less but harder to find.

                200 AMP Home Electrical Service
           Only $1480.00+permits & acquire FEE   


                                                Permit fees are set by your local Building Department
                                        Contact us for more information or to set your appointment

SPECIAL BASIC PRICE INCLUDES: take down your old , main electric services breaker panel or fuse box, the mast pipes or feeder wire as well as any other service devices at the main location. Then at this to code location Electrical MD will  replace your old panel with a new 200 amp GE 12 circuit breaker panel mounted securely to your wall or panel board area. All the needed GE breakers will be connected to your existing circuits and what rooms or appliances they serve will be labeled to the panel. Electrical MD where it removed all the old service pipes, meter socket and wires; then replace them all with  a new 200 amp meter socket within 6' of your new 200 amp circuit breaker box and install new feeder wires straight up to a new weather-head. All new 200 amp Electric Service parts including breakers and panel, meter socket, ground wire and pipe as and where required by code. A complete basic 200 amp install or revamp. Heavy duty ground cable will connect to 2 - 8’ ground rod driven completely below the surface of the ground, 2 more connections on another ground wire will be fastened to your water main. One on each side of your water meter as required by local Building code inspectors. All new cable will be from your new fuse box all the way to the pole on the street if the service is an upgrade or the wires do not meet 200 amp power company regulations. These new service cables, wires, connectors and pipes are used to bring  your power through a new meter housing box connected into your new circuit breaker box. Keep safety as the goal.                           

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